RPLT-6900 AU Standard Metro & Construction Spec Bunded Customizable Hydraulic Mobile Lighting Tower with 3 Years Warranty IP67 LED

Short Description:

 8m hydraulically operated telescopic mast
 360 ° manual mast rotation
 130L fuel tank
 Fully bunded chassis
 4 x 480w LED lamps with 268,800 lumens
 Environment friendly LED lamp, available in colour temperature 2100-5700k
 Galvanized mast and powder coated canopy guarantee longer life time for anti-rust
 Smartgen control system with fault protection
 Hydraulically and Manual stabilizer for option

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RPLT-6900 Metro spec portable light tower

Our RPLT-6900 Key points

The RPLT-6900 protable lighting tower was built with Australian standard.  Equipped with 4x 480w high efficiency LED lamp, mast is made of high-strength alloy material, which can achieve automatic lifting regulation, and the lifting height is 8 meters.Four lamp holders can be up and down left and right to adjust the irradiation Angle, so that the lights cover the whole work site.

Offering colour temperature of lamp from 2100k to 5700k, glare free and environment friendly, perfect for the operation area which request employees’ long-firing operation, and do not blinding them. It’s much better for your work site safety and employees’ health.

Small engine with extra low fuel consume, at only 0.8L/hr, refilling time as long as 20days. Great for budget saving.

Single axle with disc-brakes, standard with high performance tires and wheels for bumpy driving,easy and safe to towing on the road. Available for apply of road registration.

Our RPLT-6900 is ideally for rental companies ,optimized structural design, easy to move and carry, connected to the trailer can be easily moved to any construction, emergency site,and suit for wide range of application including mining, civil, road construction, disaster relief and emergency service.

Our company can adjust the number of lamp holders, power, flood or condenser type, the rising height of telescopic cylinder and generator equipment according to customer requirements, so as to meet the personalized needs of customers.


RPLT-6900 Mobile lighting tower
ENGINE Brand Kubota
Model D1105  3 Cylinder Vertical Liquid Cooled Diesel
Fuel Consumption 0.8/hr
ALTERNATOR Type 48V DC brushless alternator,self excitation
Power Generation 7KW Continuous(DC)
LIGHTING Lighting Panels Per Unit 4*480W SAA certified Robust Power LED lamps
Optional Colour Temperature 2100K-5700K
Auto Start Dusk-Dawn Auto Start/Stop Timer
Longevity 3 years
Lumen Output 174000
4-SECTION MAST Hydraulic Mast Extension 8m
Rotation 340 degrees
TRAILER Heavy Duty Manual Stabiliser Legs 4
Transport Support Leg Yes
600mm Fold Away Tow Bar For Transporting Yes
Tyre Size 225*16*70
MINI SPEC CHASSIS AND CABIN Fuel Capacity 100 litres
Number axles 1
Wheel Chocks 2
Fluid Bunding Yes
ELECTRONICS/INSTRUMENT PANEL Sunrise and Sunset Automatic Start And Shut Down Optional
Electronis Controlled Engine Automatic Start and Shut Down Optional
Fail-safe Shutdown System-High Temp,low Oil Pressure, Yes
High Voltage, Low Voltage
Lexzan Jump Start Enabled Yes
Jumper Cables Optional
SMS Communication Optional
Battery Isolator Yes
DIMENSION(L*W*H)   1850*1660*2620mm
ALSO INCLUDED Timer Shutdown Control,Jump Start Receptacle&Jumper Leads,Emergency Stop

RPLT-6900 mine spec Hydraulic light tower


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